Identity Proof

Valid Identity proofs such as Aadhar card / Voter card / Pan card are required for this Trekking tour & driving license / permit to drive your motorbike.

This is your responsibility. We strongly advise you to take out Travel Insurance to cover:-

  • Accidents, sickness or other medical expenses.
  • Baggage or other personal possession losses.
  • Check your current health insurance and home owner policies to determine, which losses will be covered by them.
  • Insurance covering two wheeler driving in India.



Weather in the mountains varies with altitude (according to the tour).Tours are scheduled for times, when the weather is expected to be mostly clear, however there is always a chance of unexpected rain. During the operational period generally daytime temperature range is likely to be around 20-30 o C and night time between 0-10 o C. (according to the tour).


Health Precautions

The best precaution you can take is to be as healthy as possible before you start for the tour. The most common health problem while touring in India is diarrhea and stomach problems. They are hard to avoid, but you can minimize the risk by drinking mineral/purified water only. You will adapt to high altitude given enough time to acclimatize. Medical facilities in most areas visited, will be easily available accept some of the remote areas with a limitation or non-existence. There are some long days in the tours and sometimes we have to ride on high altitudes, so if you have any existing medical condition, you must consult your doctor. You should carry a personal supply of any special medications you might need. Vaccinations are not compulsory in the regions in which we will be traveling.


How to Book a Tour

To book this tour, please fill our booking form with your details or just give us a call on the given Numbers.


Payment Procedure & How to Pay

The cost of this tour/package can be paid by credit/debit card through our website/ by bank transfer/ by over the counter payment or by sending a check to our representative in your hometown. Instructions for payment will be forwarded together with your quotation. Please send us a detailed confirmation mail in case of payment by bank transfer when your transfer is done. After that we can follow up your reservation process.

A place is guaranteed for you, once we have received the payment of your Deposit amount.

  • 25% of package cost as Deposit amount
  • Deposit amount Non Refundable
  • Balance to be paid 2 months prior to departure from your home town.
  • Delay in payment is subject to Rs.2000/- Per Person as penalty.


Motorbike Damage Deposit

A reimbursable security deposit of Rs.10000/- is required prior to all tour departures and will be refunded upon return of the undamaged motorbikes. If bike is damaged, the amount required for damages shall be deducted after completion of the tour. Deposits can be made during the booking of the tour. or on arrival.

NOTE: These security deposits are not applicable for those who are taking part with their own motorbikes.


When to Book

As we travel in groups with a limit, so it is important to book as early as possible to ensure you get a place, at least 1 months in advance. Please fill and complete the application form. After that we will confirm your booking. A place is guaranteed for you, once we have received the payment of your package cost, but you can contact us if you require a late booking.


Cancellation Policy

You or any member of your group may cancel your tour/package, at any point or time providing that the cancellation is made in writing by the person who made the original bookings and has communicated to us directly or through your travel agent. You will be entitled to receive the refunded amount by deducting cancellation charges/fees. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive your request in writing.

  • Up to 24 Days:-95% of  Trek/adventure program cost will be refund.
  • Between 14-24 Days:-70% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refund.
  • Between 14-10 Days:-50% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
  • Less than 10 Days :-No refund

“FIREBALLS ADVENTURES” is based in Manali, registered under the H.P. Govt.Tourism Dept. of India.

We are experienced in organizing western groups. The Himalayas is our home and we speak English, Hindi and Local regional dialects. Apart from our standard designed itineraries, we will be pleased to design a Tailor made Tour or a program to suit you or your group.


Other Essentials Forms & Downloads


Equipment & Bikers Kit

For Motorbike tours you need a special gear and genuine kit. We always advise our riders to ride the bikes without exposing your skin, accept the face. Essential Check List.

  • Helmet – This is very compulsory on the tours. (for rider and pillion rider) It is difficult to get the helmet of your size some times or the same one, you usually use at home. So you are requested to bring a well-fitted helmet of your choice along with you. Camera fitted helmets are recommended.
  • Gloves – 2 pairs of Motorbike gloves (waterproofed/summer special)
  • Bike Boots – Comfortable bike boots covering the ankle with shin protection. An extra pair of Water proofed shoes can be good while river-crossings.
  • Jackets – Leather jacket, Fleece jacket, down jacket with hood or equivalent, windproof rain suit with hood.
  • Knee guards/ Elbow guards/ biking jackets & trousers.


Other Clothing, Check-List

  1. Extra pair of sports/others shoes
  2. A travel towel.
  3. A money belt/waist pack pouch (to carry valuables, passport, driving license, important    documents etc.
  4. A heavy wool shirt or sweater
  5. Three cotton/woolen shirts
  6. A pair of woolen trousers/ cotton trousers/jeans + shorts
  7. Day bag/tank bag (to carry rain suit ,water bottle etc.
  8. Woolen gloves, Woolen socks, Cotton socks
  9. Personal first-aid kit including common ailment medicines
  10. Flashlight/ head torch with extra batteries.
  11. Sunglasses with UV protection /snow goggles (an extra pair is recommended)
  12. Water bottle
  13. Sun protection cream, lip guard
  14. A multipurpose Pocket Swiss knife
  15. Ropes/bungee cords/cargo nets


Backpack Essentials

  1. Backpack (35 – 45 L) with sturdy straps, Daypack (20 L).
  2. Trekking shoes – Sports shoes are not allowed. You need traction on snow and sport shoes with their PVC soles are hardly the choice. Ensure the shoes are well broken in before the trek.
  3. Ladies with smaller feet size find it a problem to get a shoe. Forclaz 500 has special trekking shoes for women.
  4. Carry 2  track pants (at least one should be synthetic quick-dry kind) and 2 pair of cotton pants with lots of pockets. Track pants are light and we highly endorse them. Plus when things get cold you can wear one over the other.
  5. Carry 2 Full sleeve cotton tees with collar.
  6. Bring 1 full sleeve sweaters. A fleece jacket would be an alternative.
  7. Get 1 pair of thermal inners.
  8. Carry 4 pairs of sports socks. 2 pairs of woolen socks.
  9. Woolen monkey cap/balaclava that cover the ear. Special high altitude balaclava that also serves as neck warmers . They cost Rs 130.
  10. Woolen hand gloves + synthetic glove (water proof). If you don’t have synthetic gloves, get two pairs of woolen gloves and a surgical glove.
  11. Hot water bottle/Bag – available at any medical store.
  12. Sun glasses – curved ones will cover your eyes well. No blue coloured sunglass — they don’t block UV. Blacks, greens, browns are fine. Avoid multi tone sunglasses. Sunglasses prevent snow blindness.
  13. A woolen head-scarf or muffler. Special hiking caps with sun flaps that protect from.
  14. Light towel (should be thin, quick drying kind).
  15. Chapstick or lip balm.
  16. Cold cream and sun screen lotion (SPF 40+). While sun screen help prevent sun burns, a better option is to stay covered. Special hiking caps with sun flaps.
  17. 2 Water bottles (1 L each). The insulated water bottles are good but even normal water bottles will suffice. Packaged drinking bottles like Biseleri, Aquafina and others not allowed.
  18. Personal toilet kit (minimal) and toilet paper.
  19. LED Torch with extra set of cells (head lamps preferable).
  20. While packing, use plastic bags to compartmentalize things and carry few extra plastic bags for wet clothes.

Leave your denims behind – these are ill suited for treks.Snacks, colas, alcohol and personal food – No need to overburden yourself with food. Do not carry any disposable plastic bottles like (Bisleri, Aquafina), plastic wrapped/packaged items. Do not bring any non bio degradable material. After packing, weigh your gear. It should be in the range of 7-8 kg – preferably on the lighter side. Anything heavier, you will need to iterate and remove what is not essential.

Carry light and what is essential. As an example, toothpaste should be bought in small size (that can last you 10 days). Do not plan for “if” situations. The list of things mentioned here are exactly what you need and nothing more.

And now some general advice about clothing…

To protect yourself from cold, dressing in layers is the mantra. Two T-shirts worn one over the other is warmer than a T-shirt that is thick. 3 T-shirts worn one over the other is as good as a full sweater. This is just a guideline. If you are prone to cold carry an extra sweater.


Please Note

You have to sign an disclaimer form before starting of any trek.