Spiti Frozen-Road Trip

Spiti Winter Adventure in January. A dangerous road trip to Spiti. Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti district is essentially a summer destination, but if you’re looking for a heady high altitude winter road trip with lots of ice and snow driving.


The winter season in spiti valley is not famous only for snow and all beauty and scenery but also for exploring the wild. The enigma of catching a glimpse of a rare wild brings many a number of nature and wildlife enthusiasts to this part of India in winters. The majestic snow leopard is on everyone list. This winters embark on a journey with us to explore the wild Himalayan lands covered with snow. Get a chance to see a Snow leopard enjoying his winter home. This elusive cat can only be seen in winters and there is no better place to see them are in wilderness of snow covered himalayas of spiti valley. So this winters come close to nature and wilderness amidst the beauty of Himalayas at their best in winters.

OffGrid Spiti Frozen – SUV : Exploration

Here the Mountains whispers a singular Cosmic Hymn Riding the feathered back of the wind LISTEN.

Route: Manali-Rampur-Pooh-Nako-Chango-Tabo-Kaza-Kye/Kibber-Nako-Rampur-Shimla

Dates: 20th Jan – 29th Jan

Tour Plan:

Day01 – 20th Jan: Manali Clustering of group at Manali On aarival Check-in, briefing Session & vehicle Inspection.

Note: Self Owned Vehicle should in excellent condition.    Welcome snacks followed by Dinner.

  • Sleep Early as we will be starting our ride tomorrow by 7 AM.
  • Refuelling should be done in the evening.

Day02- 21st Jan: Rampur Early wake up call, Driver should warm up their vehicles accordingly. Will leave Manali by 4 AM.

PlanA: Manali-JaloriJot-Rampur(200 Kms)

PlanB: Manali-Karsog-Rampur (284 Kms)

Terrain: Jalori Jot crossing will be complete Snowy patch.

  • Breakfast, Dinner and Hotel Stay.

Day03- 22nd Jan: Chango Will Leave Rampur by 4AM, start our Drive for Chango.

PlanA: Drive till Chango (225 Kms).

PlanB: Drive till Nako (210 Kms).

PlanC: Drive till Pooh (168 Kms).

Route: Rampur-Tapri-Pooh-Nako

Terrain : Snow & Offroad.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day04- 23rd Jan: Kaza Will Leave Chango/Nako/Pooh by 8AM for Kaza after proper warming up the vehicle.

PlanA: Drive till Chango-Kaza (92 Kms).

PlanB: Drive till Chango-Tabo (40 Kms).

Route: Nako-Sumdo-Tabo-Kaza

Terrain: Snow & Offroad.

  • Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day05- 24th Jan: Kaza Full day Kaza Excursion Lazy Morning Drive and Explore till Rangrik Village.

Terrain: Snow & Offroad.

  • Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day06- 25th Jan: Kibber Lazy morning Start, we go to Kibber and explore other side of Spiti.

Terrain: Drive (Snow & Offroad) or will trek to Kibber.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day07- 26th Jan: Kibber Full Day Kibber Exploration (exploring Big Cat trails)

Route: Trek around Kibber.

  • Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day08- 27th Jan: Nako Head back to Chango/Nako, Early Morning Breakfast Checkout from Kibber & start our Drive by 7 AM.

Route: Kibber-Kaza-Chango/Nako.  Kms: 130

  • Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day09- 28th Jan: Rampur Early Morning Start for Rampur.

Route: Chango/Nako-Tapri-Rampur. Kms: 200

  • Breakfast,Lunch and Hotel Stay.

Day10- 29th Jan: Shimla Early Morning Start from Rampur to Shimla.

Route: Rampur-Shimla. Kms: 120

Tour ends here!


  • HomeStay/CampStay/HotelStay, MAP meal Plan, Guidance, 1st Level Mechanic Assistance & Backup Vehicle.
  • In Case of bad weather we have backup check points at Rampur, Tapri, Pooh & Kaza.


  • Snow Chains available on Rentals from Shimla (accordingly send tyre size).
  • Every Vehicle should have their tool kit & jerry can for fuel.
  • On Days (03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08) if homestay are not functional, will have to pitch our own camping as an alternative.


Self Owned Vehicle: 31500/person.

Shared Vehicle: 4*4 Gypsy – 4 person /vehicle:  40500/person.

  • Safe Expeditions
  • Driver should have a Valid License.
  • Off riding experience required.
  • Mentally tough to beat the extreme cold conditions.
  • Accompanied by Experienced Crew & Staff.
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Special Instructions:

Should be mentally very strong.

Price Details:

Total Cost: Rs. 4,046 per day x 11 days = Rs. 44,500 /-


Booking Slot: Only during January, February & March months every year.

Total Packages Available: 2

Minimum Booking duration: 11 days

Maximum Booking duration: 11 days

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